DTM 808 Feed Grade
The MOST EFFICIENT and COST-EFFECTIVE Growth Enhancer for Pets, Livestock and Plants.

Composed of naturally-occuring non-metallic minerals: CLINOPTILOLITE and MORDENITE, in a proportion researched to provide a synergistic effect in both.  This additive has been proven to be effective in boosting the growth of livestock, poultry and marine species through proper utilization of essential nutrients in animal feeds.  Researches conducted here and abroad, have shown that these vital components of the additive, aside from enhancing feed efficiency and growth, are potent eliminators of deleterious substances and poisons found in the gastrointestinal tracts of domesticated animals and marine species through selective absorption and cation exchange.
Mr. Tomas Refraccion, a resident of Brgy. Canumay, Valenzuela, Metro Manila started raising 10 piglets weighing about 10 kilos each.

He added DTM 808 to commercial feeds and fed it to the piglets daily.

Easily noticeable around the pig pens is that foul odor emanating from the pens seemed to be minimized if not all eliminated (due to the dry fecal discharge); thus, resulting to less fly population.

He was also amazed that DTM 808 served as natural dewormer to the animals.

After 120 days, each piglet weighed about 94 kilos already.

When butchered, less back fat and more lean meat was observed and the intestines are quite clean and not so smelly.
"DTM 808 is the most-efficient and cost-effective growth enhancer for animal feeds, pet additive, odor absorber, grain protectant, mold inhibitor and toxin binder; it can also be used for soil treatment and water management in aquaculture and other industrial application."
Toxin-free feeds, Free-flowing feeds, Weevil-free feeds, Rancid-free and odor-free feeds, Longer storage shelflife, Less cost of reprocessing, Improves the overall quality of feeds.
Odor-free environment, Reduces fly infestation, Reduces water consumption, Reduces water pollution, No antibiotic residue, Less cost of dewormer, More lean meat and less backfat in pork, Increases egg production, Faster to gain weight, More milk for dairy farm animals, Less or zero incidence of mastitis in cows, Less mortality due to heat stress in poultry and piggery, Less mortality due to scouring in weanlings.
120-day old pig weighing 94kilos after incorporating DTM808 in its feed.
Less back fat; more lean meat
When butchered, the intestines are quite clean and not so smelly.
Sow fed with DTM808 produces healthy piglets and produces more milk for the lactating piglets.

When DTM808 is incorporated in the feeds of layers, their eggs become bigger gradually until peewee size is eliminated.  Laying eggs is extended for several months more.
Broadcasting DTM808 in fishponds will assure owner of a bountiful harvest.  It induces early molting which means that prawns will grow faster at once.
What people are saying about our DTM 808?
Here are some of the text messages and testimonials we received from people who have used DTM 808.
"Good morning, Mr. Rejano. Si Katrina po ito sa  Marikina.  Yung binigyan nyo po ng DTM808. Pwede po kaya ako mag-order po ulit.  Tsaka po, ni-recommend ko po kayo sa veterinarian ko. Baka po tawagan po kayo para mag-order, si Dra. Xandra."

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